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Bulk LPG Supply on a three year fixed business LPG – not found anywhere else!

Transparent pricing, no hidden costs or second/third year price increases we let you know up front what your LPG fuel costs will be.

A fast and reliable delivery network.

We know running your business is full of challenges, let Pure LPG look after your fuel supply and make it one less thing for you to worry about.

Our experienced team, take control of the entire process, it’s free and easy to switch to us.

We contact your existing supplier, and carry out the entire tank swap process in one day meaning no downtime.

Gas tanks
Gas tanks
Gas tanks

Bulk or Cylinders LPG

Every business has their own unique circumstances, our dedicated team of LPG experts will help find the perfect solution for you. Whether you are looking to save costs and switch LPG suppliers or are considering switching to LPG from another fuel source we can help find your business the most cost effective solution.

Gas Cylinders are a flexible solution for a wide variety of business needs including heating, powering fork lift trucks, spray booths, line marking and catering as well as many other uses. If your based in the Midlands we can deliver you gas cylinders cheaper than your existing supplier.

Our Midlands based gas cylinder delivery fleet, offer fast next day delivery. For our fork lift truck users we offer a regular top up service so you don’t have to ring to order we just swap the empty for full cylinders keeping your fleet running.

Bulk LPG

If your businesses uses a large amount of energy, requiring LPG in bulk tanks, we can significantly reduce your fuel costs. It is free, quick and easy to switch your business LPG supply. Obtain an instant quote for bulk LPG from us. Once you are happy with our offer, we contact your existing supplier and carry out the tank swap/installation on the same day.

From start to finish Pure LPG take out all the hassle of switching your LPG supply, leaving you to do what you do best in running your business.

Pure LPG are the only LPG supplier offering three year fixed business LPG supply contracts. For very large commercial users we offer transparent pricing with wholesale refinery prices (on average 16-20 pence/litre) plus 3 – 7 pence per litre.

LPG a versatile fuel

LPG is a clean low carbon, efficient, reliable and versatile fuel like no other. With hundreds of applications it is the perfect fuel for your business energy needs that can be easily, transported and stored. Pure LPG offer LPG solutions for a wide range of businesses. 

Bulk LPG 1

Line Marking

Bulk LPG 1


Space and process heat

Bulk LPG 1

Fork Lift Trucks

Bulk LPG 1


Bulk LPG 1

Leisure, Catering and Hospitality

Bulk LPG 1

Pubs, Restaurants and Mobile Catering

Bulk LPG 1

Holiday Parks & Park Homes

Bulk LPG 1

Crop Drying

Bulk LPG 1


Bulk LPG 1

Poultry & Game Rearing

Bulk LPG 1

Biomethane Gas to Grid Plants

Bulk LPG 1

Aggregates & Asphalts

New to LPG

If you are looking to switch your business energy from solid fuel or other oil based liquid fuels (heating oil, kerosene or diesel) LPG is the perfect fuel for your business. Our expert team will speak with you about your requirements, carry out a site visit, we install the bulk LPG tanks free of charge.

Why choose LPG

LPG is a clean burning fuel providing lower nitrous oxide, particulate matter and CO2 emissions than other off grid fuels such as oil, wood, diesel and kerosene. LPG is non toxic and has no impact on soil, water and underground aquifers. Its use improves air quality, reducers the emission of GHGs (green house gas emissions) and protects the environment.

One of the benefits of using LPG is its relatively high energy density in comparison to other fuels. This means that using LPG you will require less storage space for the fuel in comparison to other alternatives in order to achieve the same energy output.

LPG is a high calorific value fuel meaning that it burns with a hotter flame when compared to other fuel sources, this leads to appliances with greater efficiencies saving you money will providing instantaneous hot water and heating on demand.

A flexible fuel that provides easy and adjustable temperature control. Unlike other liquid fuels LPG has an indefinite shelf life, it does not deteriorate, evaporate, gel or solidify. It is also Safe as there is no danger of any spillages from LPG being stored as a liquid in a pressurised vessel.

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