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Switch to us for an affordable, quick and reliable LPG supply

Keep your existing tank, switching your LPG supply is free, easy and straight forward. We handle all the paper work and contact your existing supplier, completing the switch process within 14 days. Please find out more about the switching process here.

Affordable LPG Heating

Are you looking to compare LPG prices and reduce your home heating costs?

Switch to Pure LPG for a more affordable gas supply.

Pure LPG offer a two year fixed domestic LPG supply starting from 30 pence per litre. No second year price increases, with our transparent pricing we let you know up front what you will be paying for your LPG supply, so there are no unwanted surprises.

Family at home

Offering you a lower priced LPG supply does not mean we compromise on safety or service. We strive to take that extra step further for our customers, we are always available to discuss any concerns, queries or questions you may have.

Should the worse happen and there is an issue with the LPG supply to your property we will arrange for an engineer to remedy the situation as soon as possible. We aim to lead the way on all fronts, see what our customers have had to say about our LPG services.

Quick and Reliable LPG Supplier

We pride ourselves on our fast delivery service. When your tank is on 25% call us to arrange a delivery and we will top up your LPG tank within 7 days of ordering.

Every home owners worst nightmare is running out of gas especially during the cold winter months. One of the cornerstones of our business is to ensure this NEVER happens to any of our customers.

Our team of dedicated professional LPG tanker drivers and support staff go out their way to ensure your gas is delivered on time.

Switching your LPG supply to Pure LPG is the next best thing to having mains gas, giving you the comfort and freedom of rural living with the luxury of a permanent reliable gas supply.

How do I switch to Pure LPG?

Switching your LPG supply is easy and straight forward and only takes a couple of minutes.

If you are out of contract, or approaching the end of your current one, get an instant quote here.

Or if you prefer simply fill out section A of the LPG supplier switch notice form and email it to

We then purchase the tank of your existing supplier and contact you once the switch gas gone through.

On average the entire LPG switching process is completed within 14 days.

Metered Estates

Do you live in a property that is supplied from LPG as part of a Metered Estate?

A metered estate is when two or more properties (a group of homes) are supplied from communal LPG tanks on the estate, with each property having its own gas meter. A single LPG supplier will fill the tanks and bill each property individually for the gas they have consumed.

To be eligible to switch the LPG supply of a metered estate all the residents must be out of contract (or close to the end of the existing contract) and all the occupants that form part of the metered estate must agree collectively to switch LPG suppliers.

Pure LPG supply a number of metered estates, and while it may sound daunting to switch our friendly experienced team will talk you through the entire process and help you achieve significant savings with a fast friendly and reliable service.

Contact us to talk to us about switching your metered estate LPG supply.

Benefits of LPG Heating

LPG is the perfect fuel for when you don’t have a permanent main gas connection for your home. LPG is a clean burning fuel providing lower nitrous oxide, particulate matter and CO2 emissions than other off grid fuels such as oil, wood, diesel and kerosene. LPG is non toxic and has no impact on soil, water and underground aquifers. Its use improves air quality, reducers the emission of GHGs (green house gas emissions) and protects the environment.

One of the benefits of using LPG is its relatively high energy density in comparison to other fuels. This means that using LPG you will require less storage space for the fuel in comparison to other alternatives in order to achieve the same energy output.

LPG is a high calorific value fuel meaning that it burns with a hotter flame when compared to other fuel sources, this leads to appliances with greater efficiencies saving you money will providing instantaneous hot water and heating on demand.

A Flexible fuel that provides easy and adjustable temperature control. Unlike other liquid fuels LPG has an indefinite shelf life, it does not deteriorate, evaporate, gel or solidify. It is also Safe as there is no danger of any spillages from LPG being stored as a liquid in a pressurised vessel.

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