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Gas for Forklifts – Bulk LPG Tanks & Cylinders

The perfect partner to power your gas forklift truck fleet

Reduced your FLT Fuel Costs

Whether you run, two, twenty or over a hundred Fork Lift Trucks in your fleet, Pure LPG can guarantee to reduce your FLT fuel costs. Get a instant quote now and see how much you can save.

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Why Choose Us for your Gas for Forklifts?

Whether you use LPG in gas cylinders or bulk tanks to power your Fork Lift Truck fleet, we can significantly reduce your fuel costs and offer a regular, reliable and fast delivery service.

If you are using gas cylinders, our delivery network offers regular (weekly or fortnightly) top up service, where we swap over empty for full cylinders ensuring your fleet never stops.

By switching to Pure LPG you no longer need to about worry about your fork lift truck LPG supply. Leave it to us, and have the peace of mind that you have the best priced fuel supply and there is no need to stay on top of ordering as we take care of that for you.

Bulk Tanks and Refillable Cylinders for Large Fleets

Switching your bulk fork lift truck LPG supply to us is easy, free and straightforward. Get an instant quote, once you are happy with the price and agree to switch to us, we contact your existing supplier and carry out the tank swap / installation free of charge within one day meaning there is no down time.

We have helped pallet networks, logistic, warehousing, transport, freight and other companies that have large fleets of FLTs save £ thousands per year on their FLT fuel costs.

Significant Cost Savings and Transparent Pricing

Pure LPG offer our large bulk FLT users clear and transparent pricing. We offer wholesale gas prices plus a fixed pence per litre margin. Saving customers on average 10 pence/litre.

In 2020 the average price of LPG for our bulk FLT customers has been between 19 and 25 pence per litre.

Switch to Gas for Forklifts from Diesel

LPG is the perfect fuel choice for your fork lift trucks. It is a clean burning, low carbon fuel. Its use improves air quality, reduces the emission of GHGs, particulate matters, Nitrous Oxides and protects the environment.

LPG is an energy-rich fuel source with a higher calorific value per unit than other commonly used fuels, such as diesel and fuel oils. Meaning you need less storage space for the same amount of energy.

Unlike other liquid fuels, LPG does not solidify, spill, gel, stratify or evaporate it has an indefinite shelf life. So there is no need to worry about fuel theft or risk of spillage owing to its improved safety.


Greater Utilisation and Reliability than Electric FLTs

LPG powered fork lift trucks can be refuelled under a minute, allowing for greater utilisation and no down time as with electric powered FLTs.

Another advantage of gas FLTs is the lower up front capital costs, lower maintenance, and no need for expensive charging infrastructure.  LPG powered fork lift trucks can be used in all terrains (indoors and outdoors) regardless of the weather conditions.

In summary LPG powered FLTs are the perfect solution for your fleet, giving you power and reliability whilst being clean enough for use in indoor applications particularly sensitive industries such as food and pharmaceuticals.

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