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Gas Cylinders – Propane & Butane

Save money and time, choose Pure LPG as your gas cylinder supplier.

Gas Cylinders – Fast & Cheaper Delivery

Pure LPG offer next day delivery on gas cylinder orders, significantly cheaper than other suppliers, find out how much you could save on LPG gas cylinders.

Why Choose Us for your Gas Cylinders?

Pure LPG are a reliable and dependable gas cylinder supplier who won’t keep you waiting for your gas bottles. Our dedicated cylinder delivery fleet and support staff ensure you have peace of mind not worrying about running out of gas.

For our commercial customers we also offer a regular top up service visiting your premises weekly or fortnightly swapping over empty for full cylinders.

Don’t over pay for your gas cylinders, see how much you can save.

Gas Cylinders

Gas Cylinder Sizes

We offer propane cylinders in the following sizes:

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47 Kg Propane

Domestic and commercial space heating and hot water needs, static caravans, grain drying, poultry and pheasant rearing, spray booths, catering, restaurants & hotels.

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19 Kg Propane

For catering and light caravan use, also for heating

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18 Kg Fork Lift Truck Propane

Fuel for your fork lift truck fleet

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11 Kg Propane

Perfect for BBQs and patio heaters. Larger roofing projects

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6 Kg Propane

For camping stoves and small roofing projectsg

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13 Kg Butane

Great for small indoor cabinet heaters, can also be used for BBQs

Commercial and Home Heating

LPG Gas cylinders are a clean and efficient way to provide heat when there is no mains gas connection available. A flexible alternative if you don’t have a bulk tank.

You can use two, four, six or even eight cylinders connected to an automatic change over regulator, this gives you the flexibility to order replacement cylinders without having to interrupt your gas supply.

LPG is a highly calorific value fuel more so than other alternatives, this means that the LPG flame burns hotter, which leads to higher efficiencies. LPG appliances and equipment allow easy and instantaneous adjustable flame temperatures to suit the consumer’s needs giving hot water and heat on demand.

LPG gas cylinders are a cost effective, flexible solution for your heating needs. LPG has an indefinite shelf life, it does not deteriorate over time unlike other fuels that gel, stratify or evaporate.

A cleaner fuel that emits virtually no black carbon, reduced NOx (nitrous oxides), PM (particulate matter), and CO2 emissions, there are significant GHG (green house gas) emission savings to be made when using LPG over other fuels such as oil, wood, diesel, kerosene.

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For professional and mobile catering LPG gas cylinders are the perfect choice to cater for your bar, restaurant, kitchen or mobile van cooking needs. Perfectly cooked food is the essential ingredient for successful catering. LPG offers the flexibility and reliability to keep commercial kitchens running with LPG stoves, ovens, fryers, burners, roasters, flamers etc..
Chefs prefer using LPG for its instant heat on ignition, visible flame, responsiveness, even distribution of heat across the base of cooking, as well as rapid cooling. It also burns efficiently without any black smoke and makes cleaning easier as it doesn’t leave marks on cooking utensils.



LPG has been the go to fuel for holiday parks, mobile and static caravan owners. Providing space heating and hot water on demand needs for the rural community. LPG gas cylinders are the ideal partner for your tent, caravan or motor home ensuring you have power and are kept warm and comfortable.

Our 11kg propane gas cylinders are perfect for outdoor patio heaters and barbecues. To help extend the summer ambience, LPG patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces are a great way to provide warmth and cosiness on cool days and when the sun goes down, ideal for Shisha bars, restaurants  and outdoor cafes. Gas BBQs provide instant ignition, heat faster than charcoal grills, and release less carbon monoxide, particular matter, and soot. LPG Gas cylinders are the ideal choice to power outdoor cooking appliances meeting all performance and safety needs.


LPG for Fork Lift Trucks

Pure LPG are the perfect choice to power your fork lift truck fleet, providing you with significant fuel savings and a fast reliable delivery service. Find out more about our gas for fork lifts.

LPG powered fork lift trucks outperform the competition time and time again, giving you power and reliability whilst being clean enough for use in indoor environments such as food and pharmaceutical industries.

Advantages of LPG powered Fork Lift Trucks:

  • High efficiency exhaust catalytic converters and high LPG flame temperature lead to fewer CO2, NOX and PM emissions than diesel alternatives.
  • Constant reliable performance that can be utilised all year around regardless of terrain and temperature.
  • LPG is a cleaner fuel which leads to lower maintenance and extended engine life compared to diesel FLTs.
  • Less expensive to purchase than electric or diesel trucks, and no requirement for expensive charging infrastructure equipment.
  • Travel speeds, rates of acceleration, and lift speeds, usually outperform their electric/diesel rivals, because of better power to weight ratios and more responsive engines.
  • Quick refuelling, cylinders can be swapped over in under a minute.