LPG GAS –  Worcester

There are many LPG suppliers around.

If you live or run a business in Worcester you are probably wondering where to go for a more reliable and affordable supplier.

Finding a new LPG gas company is not the easiest thing to do. So we have compiled a list of questions to consider:

Can a new LPG gas supplier deliver fast?

With the weather being so unpredictable in the UK you really need to know that your LPG bulk tank supplier can deliver fast. You don’t want to be without a power source for too long. Or if you use LPG in your business then need a steady source of LPG gas to power your equipment and machinery.

Whether you are looking for a new tank for your home, you live on a metered estate or run a commercial business, speed of delivery is one of the first questions to consider.

Waiting is not really an option if you have run out of gas, or are about to.

Of course, promising same day delivery in all situations is unrealistic but once we at Pure LPG have your order we delivery within 7 days. And in emergency situations we will do our best to get your LPG to you earlier.

Can I find the best LPG prices?

You are certainly on the look out for a bulk LPG gas supplier who offers fair rates. We’d also recommend a supplier who doesn’t hike up the prices. And of course, when shopping around for a better price you need to consider the quality of LPG supplied – cheapest isn’t necessarily the best.

We offer commercial bulk LPG supply on a three year fixed price which you won’t find anywhere else. By fixing the prices you know what to plan for. It’s free and easy to switch to Pure LPG.

For a variety of business needs, gas cylinders are a good choice; including heating, fork lift trucks, spray booths, line marking and catering.

If your based in the Worcester area give us a call to see  if we can save you money on gas cylinders or bulk LPG tanks.

Trustworthy LPG Supplier

We recommend that when looking for a new gas supplier you check out what other people think of them. You will get a really good idea of what type of company they are to work with. Look for reviews on their website, on a Facebook page or perhaps on Trust Pilot too.

Reviews will give a good idea on the trust rating of a new LPG supplier.

Supplier Switch Notice

Download the LPG switch notice and email it to us at switch@pureplg.co.uk

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How much does it cost to install an LPG tank?

When you are doing your research find out if the new supplier charges to install LPG tanks. If they do make sure that you factor in this additional cost and we’d recommend checking for other hidden costs. In most cases we install bulk storage tanks free of charge.

Health & Safety

Look for a new LPG supplier that actively promotes their safety standards. Look for a statement on their website. This will tell you that they know how to handle LPG and deliver it to you safely.


As one of the largest, independent LPG providers in the region, Pure LPG supply many customers in the Worcester area. We’d love to hear from you and guarantee peace of mind, a fast delivery service, a trustworthy LPG company to deal with, safe handling of LPG gas and great, affordable prices.

Ask for a quote now on our LPG quotation form or call 0800 448 0400.


Peace of mind for all our customers.

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