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We have compiled a list of answers to the questions we are often asked. Please get in touch if you have a question not listed here.

Bulk Gas

Am I eligible to switch my domestic LPG Supply?
If you approaching the end (within 1 month) of your two year domestic LPG supply contract or are out of contract, you will be eligible to switch.
My postcode is not listed in your delivery area
We are constantly expanding our delivery radius, please contact us with your postcode and we will be in touch.
Can I switch my commercial contract?
If your approaching the end of your current contract, contact us and we will arrange a site visit. We contact your existing supplier and carry out the tank install / swap within on the same day.
Do you install tanks?
We install bulk LPG tanks for all uses from fork lift truck refuelling skids, biomethane propane injection sites, heating e.c.t
I just moved into a new property that has a LPG tank, can I switch to you?
Yes, send us a supplier switch notice and the name of the previous supplier.
What payment options do you provide?
You can pay via debit/credit card or bank transfer within 30 days from issue of invoice which is issued after delivery. You can also pay monthly depending based of your gas usage.
How do I arrange a top up?
Once your tank is at 25% call us and we will arrange a top up within 7 days.
I own my LPG tank, can you fill it?
Yes, as long as your tank is within test date.

Gas Cylinders

Can you take my existing cylinder in exchange?
It is illegal for us to handle Calor gas, Flogas, Avanti Gas or any other suppliers gas cylinders.
What If I don’t have an existing cylinder, do I need to pay a deposit?

For domestic customers we charge a deposit which is 100% refundable.

For large commercial users, a deposit may not be taken depending on usage and circumstances.

What areas do you deliver gas cylinders to?
Most of our gas cylinders are delivered in the West Midlands region, however we have cylinder customers further afield. Contact us and we will get back to you.
What connection are your Propane cylinders?
Our 47Kg, 19Kg, 11 and 6 Kg propane cylinders have a standard screw type connection the same as all other gas cylinder suppliers.

The 18Kg Fork Lift Truck cylinder is the same as all the other suppliers FLT cylinders: 1/4″ ACME x 1/4″ NPT female.

What connection are your Butane cylinders?
All our butane cylinders use a 21mm clip on regulator
Do you provide regulators to be used with gas cylinders?
Yes, you can purchase propane and butane gas cylinder regulators from ourselves, we also provide LPG pipe if needed.