Uses and Applications of LPG

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Uses and Applications of LPG

LPG is a truly versatile fuel with hundreds of applications. With recent innovations and the demand for more environmentally conscious products there is a host of new applications in which LPG can be utilised. This article will take a look at some of the uses and applications of LPG.

LPG has many industrial applications owing to its versatile properties. Due to its chemical composition LPG is a highly attractive fuel to use in terms of its high calorific value and elevated flame temperature, which is considerably higher than other fuels.  It outperforms many hydrocarbon alternatives from an emission perspective as it emits negligible NOx, SOx and PM (particulate matter).

From a molecular point of view, LPG is a straight chain alkane compound, consisting of three carbon atoms and 8 hydrogen atoms: C3H8.

It’s simple chemical composition means that during combustion under the right stoichiometric conditions the only by-products are carbon dioxide and water. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications as there are no unwanted side reactions and hence no contamination of products.

Aggregates and Asphalt

It paves our roads, pathways, car parks and playgrounds. The process to extract, manufacture and lay down materials such as concrete, cement, asphalt, bitumen is a highly energy intensive process. LPG is the ideal fuel for this industry due to its improved emission performance over other fuels (significantly lower CO2 emissions) and quarry owners benefit from the low cost which gives significant costs savings. During the laying process LPG allows for careful and precise temperature control of heating the bitumen before being spread. Bitumen is melted on-site and therefore it is important to utilise fuels that do not produce undesired vapours  and unpleasant odours and emissions.


Autogas is the most common alternative fuel on the market, it is a proven and affordable solution to reducing transport emissions and provides significant savings to the consumer. LPG vehicle conversions are a well proven and mature technology option for improving cost savings and improved emission reductions. With the current generation of LPG vehicle conversion systems there is no loss of vehicle performance. Their are over 1100 Autogas refuelling stations in the U.K, and a large support network of LPG vehicle conversion specialist.


Biomethane is natural gas – methane, that is produced from AD (anaerobic digestion) plants. Gas to grid biomethane sites are when biogas produced from AD is upgraded by the removal of CO2 from the biogas and addition of propane / LPG and injected into the local gas grid network. LPG is used to increase the calorific value of the biomethane to the same value as that of the local gas grid network. Our special projects engineering team consist of LPG industry experts with decades of experience. We can switch over your existing LPG supply effortlessly as well as provide new installations. Our price cant be beaten, get a quote and contact Pure LPG today.


LPG is the preferred choice  for professional and mobile catering and is the most common alternative to cooking on mains natural gas. LPG appliances and equipment provide easy and instantaneous adjustable flame temperatures. Propane is used for all possible food preparation / finishing processes from boiling, frying, stewing, simmering and baking to grilling, roasting, braising and barbecue. Pure LPG offer a range of cylinder sizes for all catering needs including 47Kg, 19Kg and 11Kg propane gas cylinders / bottles. For larger kitchens we also install bulk LPG tanks to provide all your hot water and cooking needs.

Crop / Grain Drying

Grain, crop and cereal drying requires precise temperature control to achieve the desired moisture content. LPG dryers offer economic and accurate temperature control during the dewatering process preventing  grain combustion, water ingress or fuel sediment embedment. Unlike fuel oil and solid fuel, LPG is clean burning and will not contaminate crops, there is no soot build up (reduces maintenance costs and time), LPG dryers also limit bacterial and fungus growth. Grain drying using LPG is a highly efficient process reducing crop wastage and increasing harvest yields. Whether you are looking for a new installation or to switch your existing LPG supply, contact Pure LPG today to for a fast, affordable and reliable LPG supply.


Arguably the most common use for bulk LPG and LPG cylinders / bottles is for domestic residential users to provide their hot water, space heating and cooking requirements. For those without a natural gas mains connection, LPG is the most cost effective alternative. With the flexibility of providing instantaneous heat and hot water on demand there is no need to compromise on the essentials whilst enjoying rural living. LPG is the most suitable alternative and much cleaner than alternative fuels such as oil and solid fuel, there are no particulate matter, nitrous or sulphur oxides produced, and LPG has a much lower carbon footprint. Switch to Pure LPG and enjoy a regular reliable gas supply whether you use cylinders or bulk LPG, we provide you with the comfort and reliability  of a consist supply ensuring you never have to worry about running low.

Forklift Trucks

LPG is the perfect fuel choice for your fork lift trucks. It is a clean burning, low carbon fuel. Its use improves air quality, reduces the emission of GHGs, particulate matters, Nitrous Oxides and protects the environment. LPG powered fork lift trucks can be refuelled under a minute, allowing for greater utilisation and no down time as with electric powered FLTs.

Another advantage of gas FLTs is the lower up front capital costs, lower maintenance, and no need for expensive charging infrastructure.  LPG powered fork lift trucks can be used in all terrains (indoors and outdoors) regardless of the weather conditions.

In summary LPG powered FLTs are the perfect solution for your fleet, giving you power and reliability whilst being clean enough for use in indoor applications particularly sensitive industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. Pure LPG can significantly reduce your FLT fleet fuel costs, with same day gas cylinder service as well regular weekly top ups. We specialise in bulk tank installations, once you are happy to switch to us we liaise with your existing supplier and carry out the tank transfer / install on the same day, meaning no down time.

Holliday Parks and Park Homes

LPG  is the perfect fuel to keep your Holliday park guests warm and cosy. With instantaneous heat and hot water on demand to gas powered tumble dryers LPG is the most efficient and cost effective fuel which will reduce your park homes energy costs.  Whether you use bulk tanks, gas cylinders or both Pure LPG will help find the perfect solution for your holliday park, whether you are looking for a new installation or to switch your existing supply. Pure LPG offer you more choice and flexibility than any other supplier, including our unique refillable 47Kg gas cylinder system. We can provide you with refillable 47Kg cylinders containing Safety over fill protection, bulk tanks and filling equipment so you can refill the cylinders on site, enabling savings off over 50% and reducing gas consumption as you are no longer returning cylinders containing gas. Switching your LPG supply  to Pure LPG is easy and straightforward we liaise with your existing supplier and carry out the tank transfer / new install on the same day, meaning no disruptions to your guests.


There are numerous industrial applications for LPG mainly used to fulfil specific space and process heating requirements. The precise and accurate flame control makes LPG the perfect candidate for temperature sensitive applications. Where natural gas is unavailable LPG is the ideal candidate offering flexible portable instantaneous heat on demand. Industrial applications include, spray booths and body shops, metal cutting and welding, powder coating, alloy wheel refurbishment, roofing, space heating, pasteurisation, glass production, propellants, aerosols and many other applications. Whether you use gas cylinders or bulk tanks, switch to Pure LPG for a fast affordable and reliable LPG supply.

Line Marking

Line marking for roads, car parks and playgrounds is an energy intensive process requiring a lot of heat at the point of application, hence why most line markers prefer to use LPG for this application. LPG gas cylinders can be loaded on to line marking trucks to be used with hotboxes, anti-skid/screed and for stud/Catseye installations, to provide instant heat. For large users we provide installation of either bulk tanks on board line marking trucks (typically 1,400 litre capacity) or a manifolded gas cylinder system. With the manifolded system you no longer have to remove gas cylinders from the truck, simply fill at one point and the refillable 47Kg cylinders will stop automatically. Pure LPG can install a bulk tank at your premises allowing you to refill the cylinders on the truck, saving time, money and decreasing gas consumption as you wont be retuning gas cylinders that contain gas.

Metered Estates

Metered estates are two or more properties (usually large housing developments) that are supplied from communal LPG tanks with each property having their own gas supply meter. Each home owner is billed for the gas that they use via meter readings. Pure LPG can provide metered estate installations for new build sites with both above or below ground tanks. If you are an existing metered estate customer contact Pure LPG to significantly reduce your energy bills.  Pure LPG offer two year fixed price LPG supply deals. To be eligible to switch your metered estate LPG supply all residents must be in agreement to switch and either be out of contract or approaching the end of their existing contract. For a fast, affordable and reliable LPG supply contact Pure LPG.

Poultry and Pheasant Rearing

Poultry and pheasant rearing is a very delicate and temperature sensitive process, requiring a reliable, continuous heat supply. This can be met by either using 47Kg propane gas cylinders / bottles with an automatic switch over valve ensuring you have an uninterrupted supply. For large commercial poultry houses bulk LPG tanks are connected to LPG fired burners. With regular fast reliable deliveries Pure LPG ensure the heat is kept on never letting you run low or out of gas. The benefits of using LPG fired burners for poultry and pheasant rearing over other fuels is the rapid instantaneous heat with no harmful fluegas / combustion products and reducing excess moisture in the shed. LPG radiant heaters provide an optimum heating environment in sheds and brooder houses which provides a positive effect on feeding, sleeping, weight gain and even feathering in poultry. Switch your LPG supply to Pure LPG for a cost affective, fast, affordable and reliable solution for your birds.




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